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We are experienced entrepreneurial executives offering extensive and broad leadership in finance, legal, HR, operations, marketing, and technology oversight focused largely within the telecommunications, financial services and information technology arenas.

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Over 30 years of experience in company management, operations, finance, strategic development, process improvement, technology oversight, and accounting allows Guyer Management, Inc. to provide the support you need, where you need it, when you need it.

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onthemoneycoverOur favorite columns are available in On the Money Journal, a guide to how you can acquire, borrow, protect, move, watch, play with, go to jail for, and have fun with, our most popular commodity - Money!

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The real problem? Money is stuck, not multiplying

Inject more money into the economic system, and there’s supposed to be growth, liberty and more time to pursue happiness. But it seems that no matter how much money is injected, it’s not enough. A little like, “One dollar is too many, 10,000 not enough.”

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Performance indicators can be guide to future numbers

Most of us are familiar with economic and financial indexes (or indices). We hear daily reports of the change in “The Dow Jones Industrial Average,” or the “Standard and Poor’s 500.” These measurements are designed to provide indications of performance for the group of securities or activities (such as consumer spending) they represent.

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